We understand that children spend most of their useful part of the day at school. So we strive to make their environment a place which fosters creative thinking, learning and sharing. The classrooms and play environments are spacious and monitored with CCTV’s to ensure all our children are safe and secure in their school. To know more about our facilities and infrastructure click on the tabs below.

Campus Facilities

  1. The school library is well stocked with e-reader devices and more than 18,000 books and journals.
  2. Has fully equipped laboratories for practical exposure in the areas of computers and science.
  3. The school has separate basketball and volleyball courts, playgrounds for foot ball and cricket
  4. It has separate dance and music rooms.
  5. A fully equipped medical room offers health check-up and medical facilities.
  6. There is a in-house shops for students to buy books and uniform.


  1. Smart classes convert an ordinary classroom into an interactive learning experienced using latest state of the art techniques like smart board and digital learning
  2. We make use of the smart board in all the students, with the use of smart classes we allow our students to question, evaluate create, communicate and discover. Smart classes are a regular features of he time-table from class onwards.
Smart Class Room


Multipurpose halls are being used to host exhibitions, talks and functions. Auditorium is always bustling with activities like assemblies, colours day and informal functions.

In short JPV students are blessed to have such well maintained places which motivate them to look beyond the textbooks and develop a holistic personality (Auditorium)


Science Lab

  1. Students perform experiments in the science lab where they learn science by the method of “Learning by Doing”. Learning enhanced by hands on activities related to everyday science students also get an opportunity to apply their innovative ideas and enjoy the unexplored vistas of science.
  2. This lab is equipped to cater to 45 students at a time. The lab is well ventilated with a lot of natural light.

Physics Lab

  • JPV takes pride in the fact that it has most spacious and well equipped physics laboratory. The work space in the form of huge.
  • Top tables and side tables with racks, are all provided with sockets for electricity connection. The lab also has a dark room to perform experiments. A small library of physics books is also maintained in the lab.

Chemistry Lab

JPV has a very spacious chemistry lab. The work area is in the form of huge top tables is provided with individual connection to learner along with racks containing all reagents and chemicals used during the experiments.

Biology Lab

The Biology laboratory is well equipped with all instruments like microscopes,slides, stains,forceps,needle etc that are required for performing experience.



JPV Thiruppayar recognizes the need and importance of games and sports activities in a students life. School provides a variety of games and sports facilities to develop a sound mind and a fit body for all its students.

We have lush green grounds for cricket and hall for karate. In addition we have an Olympic sized athletic track


The need safe passage of each child to school and back home is of paramount importance to us. To ensure safe travel, the school has its own fleet of out scoured school buses designed as per standards and manned by trained drivers and personal sensitized to the needs of small children. For supervision and monitoring, a transport attenders is on board throughout the journey, Besides ensuring the implementation of the safety norms, all staff members on the bus are well trained in first aid and emergency management.