Correspondent Message

"The best way to predict your future is to create it" -Abraham Lingcoin

Founder & correspondent, Jayapriya Vidyalaya Group of Institutions


Founder & correspondent
Jayapriya Vidyalaya Matriculation School.

I extend my warm welcome to all the students and parents of JPV School, enuisions. It is the belief that each student in each class room should be healthy, safe, engaged supported and challenged. As parents, educators and community members, we have the knowledge, skill and ability to meet these challenged and shares our strengths.

Our attempt is to encourage and nurture the formation of the ideas and integrate the foundation of creative thoughts. Children are given enough exposure to enrich their knowledge and spread their wings of imagination.

It is the policy our school to create the best possible learning environment towards achieving excellence in education.

JPV School plays a greater role in an individual’s life. It reaches out to one’s value system subtly and moulds the attitude of a student in a manner, which is synonymous with ideology of our institute itself. It becomes a conduit for ideas, conveying faith belief and action of certain kind. It plays profound role in the process of learning, which means a lifelong process. We strive to teach our young ones how to succeed in today’s competitive environment, without losing sight of values and discipline.

JPV is the platform of excellent quality education, where the child will get enormous opportunities to unfold his innate potential and to develop him into responsible and respectful citizen, who can contribute positively for the good cause of humanity. We consent for excellence. We strive demonstrate excellence in every field.

The institution serves as light house giving light to all the coming generations. It is open to people of all religions, colours, caste and creeds conforming to the ideals of unity of mankind.

Wising you all the very best…